Top 20 Prebiotic Foods

Top Prebiotics Foods List
Oats: One of our top prebiotic foods

See below for our list of the top 20 best prebiotic foods. These foods, rich in prebiotics, are great examples of common everyday foods that contain plenty of healthy prebiotics that benefit the good bacteria in your gut. They can be worked into your everyday meals or eaten on their own.

Certain starches are an excellent source of prebiotics, especially when cooled. Cold rice and cold potatoes are very beneficial for the health of your gut. When cooled, these starches crystallize and are able to withstand the digestion of your small intestine and make it to your large intestine. There they provide greater benefits to your digestion. When you eat sushi, you may not realize it but you are also digesting beneficial ingredients for your digestive system through the cold rice you take in.

Milk is another source of prebiotics. Cow’s milk contains beneficial prebiotics but most beneficial bacteria found in raw cow’s milk is killed off during pasteurization. Breast milk contains large amounts of prebiotics and probiotics. One study outlines the benefits of human breastmilk including a complex system of prebiotics and probiotics unique to a mother.

Inulin is the key ingredient contained in many foods with fiber-based prebiotics. Bananas, onions and leeks contain plenty of inulin. Inulin is also used in many yogurt products as it can be used as a sweetener. Inulin can also be taken as a nutritional supplement available for direct purchase.

Please note that it is important not to suddenly switch from a diet low in prebiotic fibers to a diet rich in one. Such a sudden onset may lead to a fast blooming of these bacteria in your gut that your body may not immediately be able to handle. It is important to make your transition gradual and not overdo it. In addition, an increased intake of prebiotics may not be suitable for all people, especially those with liver problems who are unable to deal with the  increased output from these probiotic bacteria.

Prebiotics Foods List: Potatoes
Potatoes: Another top source of prebiotics
See below for our Top 20 Best Food Sources for Prebiotics:

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What Are Prebiotics?

What are prebiotics? Bananas are an easy example.
Bananas: A typical food with prebiotics.

What are prebiotics? Prebiotics are foods that feed the bacteria in your gut. Gut flora has been proven to improve immunity, anxiety, depression, neurological health, longevity, digestion, and possibly much more.

Prebiotics help us by fostering the growth of good bacteria within us. The scientific definition of prebiotics is “a selectively fermented ingredient that allows specific changes, both in the composition and/or activity in the gastorintestinal microflora, that confer benefits on host well-being and health” (See citation).

There are two types of prebiotics: inulin and galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS). GOS is produced through the conversion of lactose (milk). Inulin is found in many types of plants, particularly bananas.

There are many ways to take in prebiotics including various types of food and nutritional supplements. What are some examples?

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