Are soaking feet in Epsom salt good for diabetics?

Foot soak epsom salts

Soaking one’s feet in Epsom salt is not generally recommended for diabetics.

As far as the question concerns the Epsom salt and whether that good for diabetics or not, we may come to know that there are two dimensions of the answer.  Some may think that it is good because it is a magnesium sulphate. It also helps to reduce inflammation, pain and tension in limbs. However, this may be a more appropriate categorization for oral applications as opposed to a foot soak.

Another aspect of this foot soak is that it should be avoided by diabetics because Epsom salt can cause irritability because of its fragrance and chemicals in it which the patient may gain bad sores.

Some sensitive patients may become irritated and  receive negative effects after a soak or bath of Epsom salt.