Is neuropathy a disability?


Is neuropathy a disability?

Yes, neuropathy is a disability. If severe enough, it may qualify you for  disaility benefits.

We can look at  what is neuropathy and how it effects the body of a patient. Neuropathy is termed for the variety of diseases that malfunction the nervous system including its four types:

  • Peripheral neuropathy (nerves damage in peripheral areas of body like limbs)
  • Cranial neuropathy (neural malfunction in head)
  • Optic neuropathy (nerve impairment in eyes)
  • Auditory neuropathy (nervous malfunctioning in ear)

Neuropathy cause many problems related to neurons (sensory, motor and associated) in different parts of body like loss of sensation, numbness, tingling and pain in fingers and toes, issues with muscular coordination and muscle weakness or even paralysis and cause difficulty in bodily processes like digestive system and excretory system.

There are many causes of neural damages which are listed as:

  • Physical damage like injuries or any trauma caused by enormous pressure on nerves
  • Diabetes and autoimmune diseases
  • Neurotic tumors and chemotherapy

Patients suffering from neuropathy cannot perform physical works normally. Long, sedentary work may also be difficult.