How to get rid of trapezius knot?

Trapezius Knot

Trapezius myalgia is chronic muscular aching of trapezia muscle present in three regions of the body running down from neck to spine and spreading across shoulders.



Neck pain

Shoulder pain

Numbness down the arm or hand


Stress or tension

Long time working by sitting especially on computer

Traumatic injuries

Carrying heavy objects unevenly



Applying slight pressure across the shoulder blades area for 10-30 seconds


Relaxing massage is the best option to get treated of trapezius knot.

Lifting backpacks or heavy objects evenly in right posture.

Lie down:

Lying down in a posture maintaining neck straight to the spine then press to the sore points, this will get relief from pain.

Use of tennis ball:

Lie down and put the tennis ball or hard rubber ball under the trapezius muscle knot. Or place the ball between you and doorframe and move according to the trapped muscle position.

Use of handy tools:

Use handy tools like body-back-buddy to reach the points of knot easily and applying pressure over them.


Place the pillow all day in sun light and then use that for lying or sleeping.